Charitable Donation Appraisal

When you donate your car to a charitable organization you will, in most cases, need an independent appraisal of the car or trucks value from an accredited Auto Appraiser. Any vehicle with a cash value over $5000.00 will need this documentation for the IRS to accept the deduction. Auto Analyst is qualified to perform these appraisals for you. We sign and provide the forms necessary to make the deduction along with our three page condition and appraisal report. Charitable Donation Appraisals are $129.00 (a small travel fee may be added depending on the distance we need to go to see the vehicle. Contact us for an exact quote.)

Charitable Donation Appraisal Sample

Here are some important forms and information for anyone donating a car or truck:

IRS Publication 4303 – “Information on Donating Your car”

IRS Form 8283

IRS Form 8283 Instructions

Auto Analyst can give you the appraisal you need to get your tax deduction