Diminished Value Appraisals

Auto Analyst specializes in “Diminished Value” Appraisals. If your car has been in an accident, chances are that its’ value has been diminished as a result – even if the repair work was excellent. The later the model car or truck, and the lower the mileage at the time of the accident, the higher your diminished value will be. This can run into the thousands of dollars. Diminished value is simply the difference between what a dealer would have offered you for your vehicle without any damage history, and what they will offer you now as it is.

Most insurance companies are recognizing these claims today, and Auto Analyst can help you recover this loss. Keep in mind that a car suffers diminished value only once. If your car has had a previous accident, then it is likely that your claim will be disallowed. If, on the other hand, you are the original owner, or you know that the vehicle has never suffered an accident before, you can recover this loss by making this claim and using our appraisal as your evidence of the amount of the loss.

Diminished Value Appraisals are $249.00 (a small travel fee may be added depending on the distance we need to go to see the vehicle. Contact us for an exact quote.) See a sample Diminished Value Appraisal here:

Auto Analyst can help with your diminished value claim with an accurate appraisal