Salvage Vehicle Inspections

Virginia and Maryland are now requiring an independent inspection and appraisal on all Salvage Branded cars and trucks before they will issue a new title and tags. The process can be confusing and difficult for the consumer, but fortunately Auto Analyst is here to help. We are well familiar with the requirements the two states are looking for in an appraisal and will produce the paperwork you need to get your tags.

We will need you to pull the Carfax report on the car prior to our inspection so we can determine the date of the accident that caused the car or truck to be totaled. DMV needs to know the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

We then inspect the vehicle to determine where the damage was, and what body panels were replaced or repaired. We calculate the estimated cost of repairs including how many labor hours were required to complete the work.

Auto Analyst can help you obtain a title with a certified salvage appraisal

The rule is that if the damage repair exceeded 90% of the then value of the vehicle, no title will be issued, so extreme  caution should be exercised  when considering a Salvage Branded auto.  On site Salvage Inspections are $199.00 (a small travel fee may be added depending on the distance we need to go to see the vehicle. Contact us for an exact quote.) See a sample appraisal and DMV letter below:

Salvage Appraisal Sample

Salvage DMV Letter Sample