Pre Purchase Inspections

Be An Informed Consumer.

Let the buyer beware – Caveat Emptor, these are words to remember when buying a used car. It is so hard for most people to know what they are really buying when shopping for a used car. After all, what regular consumer has the time to become an expert car appraiser, an ASE certified mechanic, and a body/paint work detective? Well, that is what it takes to really know what you are looking at when shopping for a used car.

Its not enough to get a Carfax report, and read Consumer Reports. Carfax is notoriously incomplete, and Consumer Reports may give you some good general information about the make and model of the car you are looking at, but it can’t tell you what any particular car has lived through so far, or what its individual idiosyncrasies are. Anyway, who has time to run all over town with car to see an appraiser for its worth, a mechanic for  the condition of the engine, and a body shop to see if there have been any accidents???

Auto Analyst is the premier pre purchase inspection specialists in the Washington DC area

That is where Auto Analyst comes in. At Auto Analyst, we are experts in all three areas, and we are mobile, so we come to you. Its just that simple.

Jeff boasts over 35 years experience as ASE mechanic, body and paint expert, dealer auction buyer/seller, and appraiser. Auto Analyst can tell you definitively:

Watch out for this guy!
  • Has that car or truck been in a wreck of any kind?
  • Was there frame damage? If so, how bad?
  • Was the repair work satisfactory? Is it safe?
  • What is the overall mechanical condition of the vehicle?
  • What repairs does it need right now?
  • What repairs and maintenance will it need in the near future?
  • Was it well maintained?
  • How much is that car or truck worth?

Our Inspections are Comprehensive

We are regularly asked “How many points do you cover? 140? 200? 600?” The answer is this: We are not inspecting “Points” we are inspecting cars and trucks. We examine and/or test every single component of the vehicle, bar none! Everything. All major and minor components. Its just that simple. Check out a couple of our sample reports to see what we are talking about:

As you can see, our inspection and appraisal gives you all of the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy that used car or truck.

Pre-Purchase Inspections start at $159.00 depending on where we need to go to see it. Please Contact us for an exact quote.

Don't get stuck with a LEMON! Call Auto Analyst today to get the straight story and the right advice BEFORE you buy.